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“Of Mice and Men” Essay Am I my Brother’s Keeper? Pete Mueller English AS Ms. Hallabrin 12-12-11 Do you feel as if it is your duty to take care of or to watch over somebody that you care about? If so, George Milton feels the same way. In the novella “Of Mice and Men” George travels around with his companion, Lennie Small. Lennie’s last name is quite ironic because he is an enormous and very strong man. However, Lennie’s strong build compensates for his lack of intelligence. Lennie is mentally disabled and George feels the need to take care of him because of his disability. Likewise, George relies on Lennie for company. The question is why would George take on the responsibility for another person. Due to Lennie’s disability, George has assumed the role of a protective older brother. Lennie forgets and loses many things and George is there to help alleviate the situation. For example, when George buys the work passes for Lennie and himself, he keeps both of them because he knows that Lennie will misplace or forget his pass. Besides forgetfulness, Lennie’s condition lands him in trouble and when that happens, George is always there to help him. For example, when Lennie breaks Curly’s fist, George and Slim make sure that Curly tells the…show more content…
He is also a man of his words and one who has integrity. Before she dies, Lennie’s Aunt Clara makes George promise to take care of him. In keeping his oath to protect Lennie, George shows honor by ensuring that Lennie stays with him even after they are both fired from their first job in Weed. What drives George to act as Lennie’s brother is a basic human characteristic to help those who can’t fend for themselves. George makes sacrifices for Lennie just as a person might for a complete stranger just to save them from

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