Lord Of The Flies Leadership Debate

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Lord of the flies: Leadership debate This writing assignment is to debate the leadership qualities of Jack, Ralph, Piggy and Simon, and conclude who is best suited for the role of chief of the big group of boys stranded on an island. Jack is the more confident and aggressive character who’s personality comes across quite strongly in this story. Having come from a well off family and having been spoilt, Jack does not tolerate defiance or argument. Having been chapter chorister Jack is a figure of authority, and has experience in being the leader of a group. Ralph is the organized one of the four boys and has a very selfless character. He takes care of everyone, makes sure there’s enough food for all and prioritizes rescue…show more content…
In the beginning this irritates him and he feels a bit beat. However soon after Ralph takes his side and openly defends him in front of Jack. Though Piggy does not have the looks ideal for the role of leader, he certainly has superior intelligence to all the other boys. Piggy is behind most of Ralph’s success. However if he has something to say, he rarely speaks out loud, instead he just mutters to himself or jack. Simon is the very philosophical one of the boys “mankind’s essential illness”. However he’s very detached from the rest of the boys. He’s a deep thinker and quite often goes off on his own, which makes him look like a loner, this does not give him a great image if he were to become leader. He’s also very spiritual and believes that there could be a bad spirit/curse on the island, that the island is alive and haunting them. However he is the calmest of the four potential leaders. In the end I believe that Ralph would be the best choice of leader for the group of boys on the island as he has more going for him, and less against him. His wide range of abilities set him apart from the others as the best candidate for

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