Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? For the media project I decided to do my paper on a movie. The movie I chose to watch was Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? I chose to watch this movie because I had never seen it and it seemed to fit the requirements for this project. This movie is about a family of 5, a mother, 2 sons, and 2 daughters. The movie is about a boy named Gilbert. After his father commits suicide he had to take on most of the responsibility of the house because his mother goes into a depression and pretty much only eats. After she becomes obese Gilbert is the only one who can take responsibility for his brother. His brother Arnie has a mental disorder and needs constant care. Gilbert becomes the primary care taker of his brother. Gilbert also becomes the primary resource for money income. He works at a local Convenience Store, however there is a newer bigger store going up that will eventually put this Convenience Store out of business. This huge amount of responsibility slowly eats away at Gilbert. This movie is about the trials and tribulations of this broken family. It is clear to see that Gilbert strives for a normal life, to be able to live his life without having to take care of his own mother and brother. Gilbert is Arnie’s protection, every time Arnie gets into trouble Gilbert is always there to save him. At one point in the movie Gilbert has enough, he snaps and hits his brother and leaves. After thinking about what he did and regretting it he goes back to his family. In the end of this movie, Gilbert’s mother passes away on the second level of their house. The corners come and tell Gilbert his mother will need to be removed by a crane. Gilbert refuses to let his mother pass as a joke so he burns his house to the ground so his mother goes out with dignity. Gilbert gives his life to keep his family safe. In the media there has

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