Whose Life Is It Anyway Speech

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Whose life is it anyway speech: Hey my names ...... and I’m here to talk about the play whose life is it anyway written by Brian Clark. The topic I’m going to cover today is The Individual Vs. The Institution. The play whose life is it anyway? Is about an individual (Ken) who is fighting for his rights against different institutions to die. The institutions are against the individual’s rights to die, they think its suicide, and the individual thinks that there’s no point in living his life if he can’t even move his body and all he can do is just his head and talk. So who will win? The Individual or the institution In one part of the play the individual is given a needle with valium in it, the individual says “Doctor I didn’t give you permission to stick that needle in me”. The individual is pointing out one of his right, but the institution ignores it and insisted that the Valium was necessary for the individual, and to try and sleep. The individual feels as if he can’t say anything against the institution he feels trapped. The individual is protected by religious institution, legal institution and also a little bit of the medical institution. Towards the end of the play, the individual goes to court for his right to die. After fighting against the institution, the judge gives his orders and says “I shall therefore make an order for him to set free” this indicates that the institutions finally agree with the individual’s right to die after the court case. Therefore the individual wins the right to be set free from the hospital, this means the individual has finally won his right to
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