Value of Life

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Malia Morgan Mrs. Scharf Expository Writing November 14, 2012 Different Perspectives on the Value of Life Our value should be determined by the society that a person constitutes for themselves along with the conflicts we encounter and what they have accomplished in their life. Life is going to be s struggle at some position in your life. You just have to defeat the obstacles and learn to live with it because it could make you a stronger person. We have to keep reminding ourselves that there are going to be better days ahead of us. We must learn to grasp what life gives us and turn things that are negative to positive. In Hamlet’s soliloquy, he attempts to reason out whether death is any easier to bear with than life. I have come to examine that Hamlet does not assign a value to his life. He thinks that death will be better than living life. In one point of the soliloquy, he describes life as a point in time when he has to "suffer-The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" and "take arms against a sea of troubles". He does not appear to have the incentive to "suffer" and "take arms," but instead is considering just killing himself to ending it all. Shakespeare's has used the phrase "To die: to sleep; No more;" to give emphasis to Hamlet's view of death as a calm, and final rest. I do not agree with Hamlet’s viewpoint on life because I believe that death will not solve his problem. Hamlet soon realizes that he should begin to find a solution to his problems because he does not know the inexplicable value of
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