Who Won the War of 1812

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Who won the War of 1812 Many Canadians see the war of 1812 as a source of national pride. But to the British the War of 1812 was just a mild occurrence in controlling the new world and a footnote in their war against Napoleon. Today most Americans have little to no knowledge of the war, as though it was an harassment to the people to have such a blunder on an otherwise strong track record. The Americans were fighting for the end of British interference with American trade, the end of British impressing Americans into the British navy; they also had dreams of territorial expansion. They felt they could gain all of upper Canada and some of lower Canada, and they also wanted to annex Florida. They also wanted to expel the Brits from north America to stop them from siding with and arming the Native Americans. The British were interested in the fur trade up north and were therefore alined with the Native Americans. Going into the War the British only wanted to stop the Americans from trading with the French so they could win their fight with Napoleon. Because they were occupied with the Napoleonic Wars they could only supply 5000 troops to Canada to help repel the American advances. The leadership of upper Canada were uncertain of the loyalty of the inhabitants, many acts of treason and mutiny occurring at the start if the war. Because of this Sir Issac Brock felt the need to go on the offensive to gain the trust of the people. Sir Issac Brock said “there can be no doubt that a large portion of the population of this neighbourhood are sincere in their professions to defend this country, but it appears like likewise evident to me that the greater part are either indifferent to what is passing, or so completely American as to rejoice in the prospects of a change in governments”[1]. This is his reasoning for why he needs to gain the trust of the people. Brock later went on
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