Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet Case Study

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“Yea, noise? Then i’ll be brief. Oh happy dagger! This thy sheath: there rust, let me die.” , the last words of Juliet Capulet. In the play, The Tragedy of Romeo and juliet, by William Shakespeare, a famous poet, is a tale of a young teenage couple from two feuding families that fall in love one night and die about three days later. Some may say that the families and the prince were responsible for the tragedy, but the one who should have most of the blame is friar Lawrence. Despite his help on marrying the younger lovers, he’s to blame for his plan on preventing another marriage, his reasons to marry the two, and the consequences of what he did. Although his reason to marry Romeo and juliet was a good intention, however he knew the consequences of the marriage and was ignorant of the prince’s word. The intention was that he’ll marry the two lovers in order for the families to stop their feud and because…show more content…
Some could argue that the evidence isn’t that much proof for the man’s crime, but consider that if the families were to ever find both of their children are married it could result in a bigger fight which Friar was aware and yet he married them any despite him knowing the situation. But, he didn’t know all the information and he doesn’t know about the other half of the marriage's result. In the beginning of the play, the prince came into the streets of Verona and tells the Montagues and the Capulets that if they fight again the prince will kill them as a result ( Act 1 scene 1, 74-95). The reason this evidence is significant is that fact that in the earlier discussion for the story said that friar decides to marry the two even though it’ll be against the parents’ will and based from his dialogue he’s taking a risk like it’s not
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