Examples Of Who's Fault In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet- Who's Fault was it A single decision can effect the whole outcome of a situation whether it be positively or negatively. In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, two families grudges separate two lovers Romeo and Juliet. The misfortunes of both Romeo and Juliet is based around the Friar and the apothecary's choices to give both Romeo and Juliet illegal drinks. Friar gave Juliet the sleeping potion so she would not have to marry Paris and could be reunited with Romeo and the apothecary gave Romeo an illegal drink that went onto harming him. These two key characters are the ones to blame for this whole confusion which ended in Romeo and Juliet dead because of no communication. The Friar Laurence played a key role in this whole mix up by giving Juliet the potion that would eventually end with Romeo committing suicide thinking Juliet did the same. While talking to Friar Laurence the day before her wedding Juliet comes up…show more content…
When Romeo found out that Juliet is supposedly dead he losses the will to live and sets out to find the apothecary to buy an illegal that will kill himself. “My poverty, buy not my will, consents. I pay thy poverty and not thy will. Put this in any liquid thing you will and drink it off, and if you had the strength of twenty men, it would dispatch you straight. There is thy gold.” (5.1.78-84). This explains a key part in this whole accident. If the apothecary hadn't been shady and sold Romeo the drink that would end up killing him then this whole accident could have been avoided once Juliet awoke. If Romeo didn't have a way to commit suicide then he would have eventually found out Juliet wasn't dead but more so just pretending. The apothecary should be blamed just as much as Friar Laurence for this accident because of the way he treated the situation and let his greed get the better of
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