Who Is Mr. Walter Mitty

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“IS IT ME OR WALTER MITTY” BRIAN CAST ENG 125 TAMARA DORIS September 24, 2012 In every marriage across the great wide world we live in you have a husband with dreams of being different things in his life and a woman who smacks him back to reality. Such is the case for both me and Mr. Walter Mitty. Poor old Mr. Mitty has so many wonderful things going on in that crazy mind of his that reality sometimes takes a backseat for a while. He is dreaming of being a pilot, flying his fighter jet through a tough mission, but his crew is calm because ole Mitty is at the helm. Just as he is going to conquer his mission a voice rings out in his ear. It is that voice that men have grown to loathe, that voice that can be heard across the globe, “You are Driving too fast” his wife bellows out. (thurber, 1939). This was the book that was going to launch my reading career. I could not believe just how much this scenario played out in my life. Not that I have multiple personalities or imaginary friends but the one constant between Walter and I was voice that keeps us grounded. Anytime there is a woman in a car, and the man is driving you will hear “slow down”. It is a given, it is just the way of life between woman and men. As this story goes on it is…show more content…
He has a normal life and so longs for something so much more in his life. Mitty feels confident and strong, which is exactly as he would like his wife to think of him. No matter how strong and powerful Walter Mitty feels that he is or can be, he always seems to be defeated by a woman, namely Mrs. Walter Mitty. Mitty dislikes the way he is treated by his wife, and other people, when in his mind, he is something much more than an ordinary old man. I know when I look at my wife I too long for her to look at me as something. It never really matters what she thinks, just as long as she sees me for more than what I am. That is just plain
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