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The movie The Aviator is the story of Howard Hughes; film maker, business owner, and aviator. At a young age Howard took over his family tool company, Hughes Tool Co. Owning his family business was not his true passion at the time though. At the time, Howard was very passionate about directing his film, Hell’s Angels. His time was so dedicated to directing Hell’s Angels that he hired Noah Dietrich to run Hughes Tool Co. for him. The film took Hughes two years to complete before re-shooting for sound, costing him another couple million dollars. Due to his intense passion for the film, Hughes became very relentless to pursue his lifetime goal of aviation. During this time Hughes also pursues the actress Katherine Hepburn. The two end up moving in together, and she becomes very influential by providing confidence for Hughes during his journey to succeed in aviation. During this time, Hughes took an interest in passenger aviation as well, purchasing Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA), the predecessor to his re-named company Trans World Airlines. Hughes also took his aviation goals to another level and broke aviation records such as flying around the world in the new record time of four days, and built the fastest plane on earth at the time. Eventually Hughes and Hepburn break up, and he learned that the Pan Am airline company wanted to put his TWA out of business. Hughes then proceeded to get a contract from the Air Force to build a reconnaissance plane and a troop transport aircraft. Shortly thereafter, he was investigated by the FBI for embezzling government money. Senator Brewster offered to drop the charges if he sold his TWA stock to Pan Am, however Hughes denied. The movie ends by showing Hughes successfully flying his “flying boat” which he had been working on as well during the past years. He then talks about a new jetliner for TWA with his

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