Who Is Curley's Wife In Of Mice And Men

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It is not an oversight that Curley’s wife, although a relatively minor character, was left nameless in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. She is not in the story as someone to relate to, and by giving her a name, it would bring more similarity to the reader. Her status also has to do with this. She is not regarded as anything significant, therefore she does not need a name. Steinbeck leaves her unnamed so she lacks something that makes her appear as an equal individual. She is not meant to be very important in this novel. Curley’s wife is not part of the story to connect with the reader, and by giving her a name, the reader would become much more attached. Curley’s wife is isolated and ignored in Of Mice and Men. She isn’t cared about at all. In fact, she is avoided at all costs by the men at the ranch. Her own husband does not show much care, since he is more concerned about seeking revenge on Lennie than grieving for his dead wife. Nobody cares enough about her that she needs a specific identity. Calling someone by name creates a more personal experience, whereas referring to her in relation to her husband produces a less respectable outlook on the person. After Slim’s suggestion to Curley, “maybe you better stay here with your wife,” Curley responded with “I’m goin’” (98). This demonstrates the fact that Curley…show more content…
Curley’s wife is unnamed, in part, to show her low status. Children often name various different objects and creatures, making them more important than the unnamed things in the world. This goes for characters too; namelessness gives readers an innate illusion of insignificance. Curley’s wife is not viewed as anything relatively important in the eyes of the ranch workers. Shown in Candy’s rude remark to her, “You ain’t wanted here. We told you you ain’t” (79), Curley’s wife receives no respect. Names also are a way to relate to a character. It is much easier to identify with a character who has his or her own
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