Social Class in America

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Social classes do exist in America and not also cause outstanding difference in the lives of so much people now a day. My definition of class based on the film “People like Us” is that class consists of a large group of people who occupy a similar economic position. But in some cases people want to appear that they belong to a higher social class. This case is demonstrated in “Tammy’s Story”. Tammy lives in a trailer with her four teenagers. She works cleaning bathrooms at a local Burger king, with this job she basely pays her bilk. Her 16 years old son Matt, dreams of moving up the social ladder. So he tries to appear that belongs to a higher social class, dressed as the high social class. This is a common case of teenagers. “Sometimes I am embarrassed by her, “Matt says, cause she wears that burger king outfit every day”. This part really touches my heart. How someone can be embarrassed of her mom, the one who gave you birth. It doesn’t matter how your mom dress she deserves Respect. In one part Tommy says that she labeled trash by her neighbors. What she really means that she is kind of invisible for them, and also for the fact that she lives in a trailer. People think that she does nothing for her Childs, but a least she does not stay at home and wait. I don’t like the point that her son Matt does not work, he must to work if he wants to be in a higher social class. He just stays home, doing nothing. In one of the story is about classism in the Anderson High School, a public school in one of Austin’s upper middle class neighborhoods. After I saw the video, I realized that they are divided into many groups. In White Plains High School we are divided in groups but not like them. We just hang out with people that we feel comfortable. If class isn’t supposed to exist I’m going to know that it really exist because at lunch time we can see how some people that

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