Who Defines Black Women Analysis

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African American women are a group that generate opposing views not just from members of their own community, but from outside sources as well. The issues that one individual seems to identify as the most important battle African American women still encounter is not necessarily what another might focus on when describing the struggles this public faces. For example, Charlene Muhammad, an African American wife, mom, and sister, is a National Correspondent for the Final Call newspaper. In her article “Who Defines Black Women”, she defines the public of African American women as “… [d]evoted wives, mothers, educators, doctors, authors … and astronauts”. Muhammad, an African American women herself, wrote the article “Who Defines Black Women” in…show more content…
However, the way these writers define this public drastically contrasts with the views of writer Lillian Bowie, Director of Economic Partnerships and Development. While the purpose of Jones and Muhammad’s article was to dissolve the stereotypical views society has of black women, and inform the public of all other positive definitions they embody, Bowie chooses instead to focus on how African American women are becoming more and more educated, yet still struggle with satisfactory pay in the workforce and the opportunity to have more professional type jobs. Bowie notes in her article “The Economic Status of Black Women in America”, that despite the fact that black women’s “educational attainment” have risen more rapidly than those of their white counter parts, they are still “under-represented in management-level and professional positions and face significant barriers in the transition from low-wage jobs to professional

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