Where Have You Been?-Personal Narrative

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If my words could paint a picture of how it was growing up in the Byer residence, I would have 1,000 words of bliss until the summer of 2003. It was August 29th, 2003 the morning after Josh’s first High School Varsity football game, that night my parents sat together watching the game. After that, Mom, Josh and I packed into the minivan, while dad left separately in his truck. I did not realize he did not come home until I came downstairs the next morning when I saw Mom in tears at the kitchen table. My heart dropped, deep down I knew this was bad. A few minutes later Dad stumbled in and the truth began to unravel. “Where have you been?” she yelled. “You don’t want to know” he brushed by. “You’re probably right,” she breathed in, “why are you doing this John?” “What do you want Rita.” "I'm not going to live like this anymore, if you're going to stay out all night with no consideration for us - then pack your shit and go." And just like that, he was gone. We all went our separate ways down destructive paths. From this moment forward lessons that will last a lifetime were learned the hard way. This falling a part of my family taught me to look beyond what people want you to see, only give trust…show more content…
In my world I had so much trust in my dad. He will be there tomorrow, he will answer his phone (or at least call me back), and he will always love me. So when he is not there tomorrow and you have left the 15th voicemail this week you start to wonder where is the love? Still to this day I do not trust him to call me back or trust that he would show up in the hospital if I needed him there. Some things can never be fixed and trust is one of those. So only give trust to those who have earned it through showing you one baby step at a time that it is okay to lean and they will be there to secure your

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