What Was The Mechanism For Evolution Proposed By Jean Baptiste Lamarck?

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Directed Reading 13.1 Section: The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection In the space provided, write the letter of the term or phrase that best completes each statement or best answers each question. ______ 1. Some individuals of a population or species are better suited to a. evolve than other individuals. b. survive and reproduce. c. become extinct. d. achieve punctuated equilibrium. ______ 2. Charles Darwin is credited with the theory of a. evolution by natural selection. b. populations. c. evolution by gradualism. d. gravitation. ______ 3. In science, evolution is referred to as a. mere speculation. b. an explanation of why species become extinct.…show more content…
What was the mechanism for evolution proposed by Jean Baptiste Lamarck? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the space provided, explain how the terms in each pair differ in meaning. 6. population, species __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. adaptation, natural selection __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Complete each statement by underlining the correct term or phrase in the brackets. 8. Traits of individuals best suited to survive will become [more / less] common in each new generation. 9. [Genes / Natural selection] is (are) responsible for inherited traits. 10. [Natural selection / Genes] cause(s) the frequency of certain alleles in a population to vary over time. 11. [Isolation / Extinction] is the condition in which two populations of the same species cannot breed with one another. 12. Generally, when the individuals of two related populations can no longer breed with one another, the two populations are considered to be different [organisms /
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