What Was Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

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Pearl Harbor World War II, whether the United States is involved in a conspiracy ? Preface Pearl Harbor is still the historians of suspense, Japan's military raid on Pearl Harbor, the United States designed to whether the trap ? The motivation behind the design of this trap if you want to get involved then sweeping through the world of World War II ? SBA issues this inquiry form to explore before the events at Pearl Harbor the United States, Japan, the deployment and attitudes . In order to make the study more in-depth and structured, narrow the scope of the study by the 1937 Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor began to erupt between the historical facts from the political , economic, social , military, diplomatic and other aspects of the…show more content…
However, by 1940 , " Berlin - Rome - Tokyo " Axis formation of the war in Europe came to a standstill with the ruin of France , with the Japanese invasion of Indochina ( ie Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ) , serious damage to the U.S. in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region of interest , forcing the United States to give up isolationist attitude of Japanese aggression against sanctions , such as: the Japanese stopped exporting iron ore , steel and oil , to the Chinese mission to send a loan , etc., are all these sanctions Japan, the series of military operations against . And then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt also worried that once the Axis occupation of the Eurasian region arising from the threat of the United States , then in early 1941, the United States entered the war with Britain issues a series of talks , including the convening of the highest American and British military chiefs military Staff meeting (American-British Conversation). U.S. This series of moves have touched a nerve in Japan , planted Pearl Harbor volt line…show more content…
In " World War II, large reference ( Roll ) ," a book, the authors prove that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but overall formulation and planning, the United States did not know in advance the operational plan , including: attack target , so that the Japanese war in the Pacific can not afford to shirk culpability is . In the " mysteries of World War II found the truth ," a book, the author also points out that the U.S. military attacked underestimate the enemy and got cold feet when the former commanding misconduct , resulting in more warships were sunk , with heavy losses , and reflects the United States to Japan 's strategic mistakes, is not a U.S. secret plan . I will also include relevant information in the data analysis section elaborated

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