What Meets the Eye

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Summary Response: Final Draft While reading Daniel Akst’s article “What Meets the Eye” I realized how much I agree with his opinion that our level of attractiveness may or may not help us in life. There are many understandings people have in this society. I got the chance to understand the point of view how people have different perspectives of others having principles and expectations. Many people worry about how they look, and Akst talks about how researchers have observations on how other people dress instead of focusing on the individual personality. He talks about appearances on what a person thinks about another person. A man wearing a suit might be more professional than a person wearing flip flops, jeans or shorts at in office. Akst’s reasoning’s are very hard to completely disagree with considering the facts behind his reasoning. Akst makes a point in his article that attractive men and women tend to get the better jobs, pay, partner, etc. Why is this? We are altered by looks, no matter what. And as many would like to say that what’s on the inside is where it counts (which it does, no doubt), we has humans can’t help to be more generous in a way to the attractive men and women. Certain companies only hire people based on their looks such as Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hooters, and international model companies. Whereas the less attractive people would be totally overlooked because they are not the description of attractive male/females they were looking for. If they aren’t considered attractive, they could work in places such as Geek Squad or for a company where looks don’t matter to their business. For instance, a few months ago the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch publically refused to make his clothes for “larger people” because he wants only “cool and attractive people”

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