Tattoo Acceptance In The Workplace

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Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace For those of you that have tattoos, think back to your first job interview with your visible tattoos. Or even the looks you may have received while walking down the street. Those of you without tattoos, think about what may have gone through your mind when you saw these people. By accepting visible tattoos in the workplace, you may come ti find that people with tattoos are just that, people. Without this restriction, the workplace could have a better chance to obtain better performance on the job, a wider range of ideas for problem solving, and a more diverse workforce with different views on different situations, which could better your company in the end. Let’s say you’re the CEO of a company, and you interview two people for the same job. While one employee has many tattoos, the other has none. You decide the person with the tattoos could be the better man for the job, but hire the other man, solely on his appearance. This man’s job performance is not enough to concern you for the first couple months, but he begins slacking as time goes one. Now what if you were to hire the better man for the job? Remember, with different people come different thinking processes and ideas. While a top company in a particular field, with a no visible tattoo policy, may sit in their conference room brainstorming ideas of a solution for a major problem with a loss of profits. With all of the ideas coming in, no one has an idea that works to solve their problem. Another company in the same field, without any tattoo restrictions, may have the same problem, but spends less time in the conference room thinking of solutions, and more time out in the field taking action, thanks to different thinking processes. Along the same lines is diversity in the workplace. Wider range of ideas, views, and thinking processes. I, myself, have 12 tattoos, my

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