What Is the Significance of the Loyalist Migration to the Canadian Identity

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The Loyalists had a hard life in Canada. At this time, the Loyalists were one of the few settlements in Canada. At the beginning, they had to survive with only pork, flour, butter, farming tools and tents. Emergency supplies were delayed. Harsh climate killed crops and some Loyalists too. Food was scarce. They found that they had to trust each other in order to survive. Many didn’t survive the first winter. The Loyalists cooperated with each other by helping build log houses and raising crops. Because of the Loyalist’s hard work, determination and cooperation, they managed to build a colony. The Loyalists competed with each other for land. The British government frequently didn’t give the land which they had promised land. They felt betrayed. Even though the British didn’t fulfill their promises, the Loyalists were successful in starting a new life. The British/Loyalists have changed Canada by bringing many things. Sports such as soccer (football), baseball and shove-a-penny were introduced. Inventions they brought with them included the circular saw, the threshing machine, the steam engine and the imperial measurement system. The English language has become the main language in Canada. “God Save the King” and “The Congress” were two of the songs Canada adopted. Some British foods eaten in Canada include trifle, Christmas pudding and fish and chips. With all this Britain has changed Canada a lot. After the Loyalists stayed in Canada for awhile they began to change to the Canadian way life. Some started to become less dependent on Britain for their food and they learned to become farmers, fishermen and other occupations. in order to survive, the Loyalists, made the necessary changes their

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