History Of Industrialization In Canada

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Industrial Essay The first sign of industrialization in Canada was around 1891 and 1911; it attracted a lot of Canadians from the western parts to come to the cities. Industrialization was good for certain things like jobs, but it was not good for the society. A lot of the people were separated into categories, the poor were below everyone and the rich were above everyone. Industrialization made this very unfair. First I will talk about the the gap between rich and poor. Second I will talk about the crowded cities and lastly I will talk about the children and their future. The poor people during the time of industrialization were treated very unfairly while the rich had everything. There was a huge gap between the poor and the rich. The gap kept on growing while industrialization was growing. Because of all that was going on the rich started to own all the factories which caused…show more content…
The children of the poor families were targeted the most. Since they were poor they were forced to go work in factories, this was considered child labour but they couldn’t do anything about it since they had no money. These children had there future planned out for them they would work in the factories, since they would not be able to afford to go to school. This caused more poverty in Canada since they would still be working for little pay, so industrialization really didn’t make this issue any better for most people in the society especially children. Overall children were treated horribly and forced to work at young ages were children should never work at, all because of industrialization. .These problems just kept growing as I explained in my earlier paragraphs and it just made industrialization useless for many people. In conclusion, industrialization helped Canada in a way because of more immigrants but caused a lot of problems that no one really cared to
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