What Is Race In Your Community

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Race and Your Community By: Ronald Paulley Jr Race in our community is a main factor why most people have violence and most people can’t have the family they dream about. I feel that personally people focus there agendas and their life lessons on whose right and who is wrong. I feel there could be more then just the disappointment and fighting if people would grow and learn. I have several people in our community that favor me in many ways. White Americans who gather the same traits in life, such as skin color. African Americans who show emotion and compassion, same as Hispanic and the athleticism show in sporting events. I gather my life style from the same as those who are pushed aside based on their beliefs. I…show more content…
People understand more with understanding of one another. People tend to grow with this understanding and focus better if they are believed in themselves. I personally feel the negative ness draw based on people by the media is hard enough to live by. African Americans are considered gang, drugs, and just mean people. I see them as friends, family, and an understanding of culture. Caucasians are looked as stuck up, overweight, prissy, and ill mannered. I see them as people who need help and need the assistance to grow. Homosexuals are viewed as nasty, child molesters, AIDS, and hell bound. I see them as friends, family, and guidance. HIV and AIDS can live in all not just gay people. The difference from me and these groups are, facts, I see people for who they are. I don’t judge people based off of the outlook and off the cultural background we all
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