What Is Love?

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Mahatma Gandhi said, “Where there is love there is life”. Robert Frost said, “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. And Saint Augustine said, “Love is the beauty of the soul”. Every person feels some sort of love throughout his or her life. A mother loves her children, a husband loves his wife, a boy loves his dog, and a girl loves her doll. What is love? Love is a deep caring, passion or attachment to another human being, a pet, or an important object in your life. Love comes in two basic forms - platonic love and romantic love. Platonic love can be shared between family members, friends, and pets. Platonic love is also a love for possessions. Love is not a word that is used widely in my family but we all know that we love each other. So what exactly does that mean? It means we accept each other's strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and flaws. It means we will be there for each other under any circumstances. One aspect of platonic love is love of an important object in your life. When I was a child I had a stuffed elephant named Fluffy that I loved dearly. Fluffy went everywhere with me. I even brought her to school in my backpack. Needless to say, Fluffy used to get very filthy. Every year for Christmas I would put Fluffy in a box with a note that said, “Fix Fluffy”. On Christmas morning the box would be where I left it the night before and inside was a brand-new, clean Fluffy. As I grew older I realized that my parents had bought about ten stuffed elephants just like the “Fluffy” that I had just so they could “fix Fluffy” for me every year for Christmas. The love I had for my stuffed animal, “Fluffy” is the same kind of love shared between pet and owner. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows how strong the pet-owner connection is. A pet is always there when you need someone to talk to and is glad to sit with you while you pour your
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