What Is Kudler Fine Foods Competitive Strategy

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Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty foods store conceived by Kathy Kudler in La Jolla, California in 1998. Kathy, a former vice-president of marketing for a large defense contractor, unfulfilled with her position and under stress from her work load used gourmet cooking to relieve her stress. During her shopping trips to obtain ingredients she realized that there was a market for a specialty food store in her area. Upon this realization she began the process of opening up the first of three specialty food stores. June 18, 1998 was the opening of the first Kudler Fine Foods stores in La Jolla, California. Since the grand opening Kathy has been able to grow her business into a chain of three stores. Performing marketing…show more content…
Limiting one’s marketing to one specific demographic can lead to missed opportunities in other markets. To be truly successful Kudler Fine Foods may consider expanding its marketing efforts to middle class and upper-middle class clientele. Considering the sheer size of the group considered the middle class, marketing efforts could pursue this group and expect there to be a sizable number of individuals who would benefit from a specialty food stores. Product sales would most likely be the most prominent form of income from the middle class…show more content…
Competition in the market place is one facet that drives the capitalistic system. Without competition a business would not have any checks and balances to control pricing to the consumer. Since businesses compete for consumers businesses must market its products and services so it will entice consumers to buy its products or services. If a business prices what it wants to sell too high consumers will likely go to a competitor instead. To be competitive businesses will have to research local competition and set prices as-well-as stock product that will compete with any other businesses in the area. Kudler Fine Foods must research the San Diego metropolitan area and see what other businesses are comparable to what it desires to offer to the consumer. Kudler Fine Foods must be willing to offer a wide enough variety of specialty foods along with the array of food preparation services available. The loyalty program that is considered appears to be a popular program that has evolved in recent years. Kudler Fine Foods is wise to implement this system to attract new and keep current

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