What Is Hermes's Life And Accomplishments

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In Olympus, they call the messenger, Hermes. A couple years later, the Romans called him Mercury. Hermes was the swiftest. When the planets were given names relating to the gods, during the ancient times of Greek astronomy, the fastest planet was named for the winged one and that was Hermes. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Mai. He was born in Arcadia, near the mountain Cyllene and was washed by nymphs at the mountain Tricrena. Hermes’ pet was Gallus, the cock or rooster. The ram is also considered one of Hermes' favored pets. He wields a magical wand called a Caduceus that lets him control life forms lesser than gods, transform things into gold, and control magical energies. He invented dice, astronomy, fire, and the first system of weights

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