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Chase Johnson ENGL 9-B2-McHenry 05/18/14 Apollo I. Introduction Paragraph A. Apollo, the young twin of Diana, is the god of archery, music, and the sun. B. He was the son of Zeus and the nymph, Leto. His main duty was to pull the sun back across the sky with this sun chariot. C. Apollo had many famous worships of himself. The three important ones of him were the Statues, Orcales and the Pythian Grace. D. Apollo has many qualities, but the one he is most famous for was his symbols. He had various art and paintings, his lyre, the mouse. E. He was very famous for his loves and his affairs. He had many children born from the loves. F. He was also known for his revenge. He set revenge on three different people. G. Thesis…show more content…
He was known as the Sun God from Asia. E. Far-Shooter xiii. He was able to shoot his golden bow very far. xiv. Also named the Archer-God. xv. He carried his bow with him wherever he went. F. Gold xvi. He was rich in gold. xvii. Most of his emblems and personal things were gold. xviii. They were locks, lyre, and a golden tunic. IV. Worships of Him G. Colossus of Rhodes xix. Colossus of Rhodes was a famous worship of him xx. It was highly engraved. xxi. It was engraved with the halo of bright sunbeams. H. Oracles xxii. The oracles were a very sketchy process. xxiii. They were open to who ever wanted answers from Apollo. xxiv. The oracles tool place nine times out of the year. I. Pythian Games xxv. It was celebrated to Apollo for his victory over Python. xxvi. They were celebrated every three years. xxvii. The People who won the games received a wreath of beach leaves. V. Symbols J. Art and Paintings xxviii. Well known for famous paintings and statues. xxix. His most famous was the Apollo

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