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What is Culture? Culture can be interpreted in many ways, Sociologists can differentiate cultures by their musical influences, lifestyle choices, languages /accents, agriculture, architectural designs and religious views, These all contribute to the structure of societies all over the world; in essence culture is a big influence in the way people behave, the values they hold and also the attitudes they have towards life and the world around them, shaping communities. Sociologist also have different cultural theories such as absolutist’s, relativist’s and also soft relativists who all take different cultural approaches. People bought up in an absolutist culture generally believe they are “absolutely” superior to cultures they deem to be inferior to them. Certain people from higher class, well-educated and wealthy backgrounds see others that are uneducated, living within poverty as below them and not as important to society; socially this is acceptable to the people living within that absolutist community as their lifestyles are different, more lavish and you could argue their arrogance is down to being products of their environment , however to say all wealthy people where to have this belief would be wrong as not all educated wealthy people take on absolutist approaches. Some entire cultures have proven in history to take their absolutist approaches more extremely such as Adolf Hitler and the German Nazis believing not only that they had the most powerful country and that they were superior meaning they had the right to invade and rule smaller countries but also to oppress people following the Jewish faith as they were seen as an inferior. Similarly the absolutist culture of Western society in the 16th century genuinely saw themselves as higher beings, the more intelligent race compared to Africans and West Indians; which gave them the right to have ownership

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