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Outsourcing American white collar jobs Omar Herrera Comm/112 02/22/2012 Rick De La Pena Outsourcing American white collar jobs 70% of graduate students and 79% of under graduate students in a recent poll out of a group of New York universities, are in support of legislature to outlaw outsourcing (Speter, K. (2008)). Americans for years have been use to seeing items with an American name on it but with a made in China, or made in India stamp on it as well. What Americans do not realize is that even though the production of those items were outsourced, the management and support of those products are also being outsourced. Within countries that have benefited from outsourcing, such as China and India, poverty levels have dropped…show more content…
Major corporations have also outsourced managers and nearly all business operations to other countries. Most corporations see this as cost-effective strategies to their business plans, but as a consumer there are critical issues that arise from the outsourcing. One of the most critical issues that arise for both the vendor and the consumer is constant communication. As American people we have a certain culture or a certain way about how we talk and ask for things. In other countries their culture and language vary greatly from the American way (Palvia, S. C., Palvia, P., Weidong, X., & King, R. C. (2010)). Other issues include time differences and working conditions. Within a foreign country that is on the other side of the world, it is difficult to have a productive workforce that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to be on call during American business hours. These demands can lead to poor working conditions and a not so qualified workforce. To help solve some of these issues major corporations have also outsourced their management teams and most of their business operations, which in turn reduces their management and business operations here within the United States. Most of these management jobs and business operations were all college degree demanding jobs. Without these jobs not readily available anymore what is the…show more content…
"Offshoring Silicon Valley: American computer software engineers go the way of factory workers." The American Prospect 19.6 (2008): 18+. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 1 Feb. 2012. This magazine article follows the life of one women and her job being lost to outsourcing. The article explains how her company had her train her replacements from India before she was laid-off. She also expresses on how much the Indian engineers would be earning compared to her. The article also goes on to say how even IT jobs are being lost to outsourcing and how they are not even safe from cheap overseas labor. Palvia, S. (2003). Global Outsourcing of IT and IT Enabled Services: Impact on US and Global Economy. Journal Of Information Technology Cases & Applications, 5(3), 1-11. This article comes from a peer reviewed journal and it talks about the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. It goes on with examples of companies, such as Bank of America, to start moving their IT jobs to countries like India. The article also gives a brief history on the outsourcing of jobs and how it started with the outsourcing of call

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