The Common App Fallacy Essay

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Joyce Amoako November 03, 2011 The article “The Common App Fallacy” written by Damon Beres is about, the drift of applications for getting in to college throughout America. The writer explained both the sides of the application for the entrance process in to the universities and colleges. The growing amount of application is another scheme of universities to make business and on the other hand a large amount of students does not get in the colleges where they deserve to be. . The writer at the same time inspires New York University, in which he was an undergraduate student, to abandon Common Application so as to grant admissions to those who are truly interested in it. Nevertheless, even though the author’s arguments are valid to some degree, it is not right to only blame the institutions for the problem, because they alone are not responsible for how admission into a university in the United States has become so difficult The author claims that college applications have become a crapshoot, saying that the chance to get into a university one desires has been going down due to the continuous increase in the number of applicants for years now. It is reasonable, for the world’s population including the U.S. has been increasing generation after generation, and accordingly the number of applicants to colleges in the United States has been increasing. The increased pressure among applicants has given rise to the increased number of individual applications. According to the writer of the article, students are applying to as many colleges and universities as they can because most of the students with the higher rate of GPAs and a great zeal of talent are still at home and are going through depression because they were not enrolled in the colleges they wanted to get in due to a lot of competition (Beres) In conclusion, I agree with Beres on this issue. This is because

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