Proposal to Improve Customer Service

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Proposal to Improve Customer Service Laura Etheridge ENGL. 3360 May 21, 2012 Benjamin McFry Abstract Every business depends on customers to stay competitive. These customers are in our stores or on our websites to make purchases. Without these customers many, if not all companies would cease to exist. Therefore, we must reassess our customer service program and adjust to the ever increasing needs of our customers. Starting with how we fulfill their online buying habits to adjusting our customer service in our stores. Every manager should go through a customer service training program that would teach them how to interact with the customers. In these training programs each manager would learn when to acknowledge a customer, how to approach the customer, and how to close the sale. When the managers have completed the training programs, they in turn would go to their stores and train their staff. When reviewing the “Customer Service Scoreboard” (2012), it shows that Barnes & Noble is ranked 401 out of the 538 companies reviewed. This score rates Barnes & Noble customer service and customer support as “Terrible”. Most of the negative comments were on the shipments from services. We absolutely must improve our service and support. In the next few pages I will propose a plan to improve the overall ratings of our customer service in stores and online. Proposal to Improve Customer Service When we talk about customer service we all remember that one instance that was either good or bad, most of the time, it was the bad service that we remember. Our society today is fast-pace and most people, especially those in the retail field, do not have enough time to spend with each individual customer. Most companies have cut the sales force because of the unstable economy. With these cuts, many companies have lost some of their status

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