What Interests You About Gaskell’s Presentation of Margaret Hale?

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What interests you about Gaskell’s presentation of Margaret Hale? Comment on how she relates to themes and ideas in the novel. Confine your comments to the first ten chapters Margaret Hale is the novel’s central character. On one level, the novel is about her, and how she matures and changes as the plot progresses. She matured from a proud and biased girl to a self-aware and fair-minded woman who is finally able to confess her love, which she initially denied. The reader is fortunate enough to have an insight of Margaret’s thoughts thanks to the novel’s narration. There are many comments regarding Margaret from other characters in the novel, but also from the narrator itself. The adjective most commonly associated with Margaret is “proud”. She is referred to as “proud” directly by the author: “The strong pride that was in her…”(chapter 3), also Thornton, who noticed an “Impression of haughtiness”. Perhaps it is the pride, which Thornton loves most about Margaret, it can be argued that Margaret’s pride is a fault in her character, but without this flaw, Margaret Hale would not be the heroin that she is. Mrs Gaskell uses “point of view” to prevent the reader from disliking Margaret, because we have a chance of learning the causes of this pride. The reason that Margaret initially feels superior to tradesman is due to the snobbishness towards tradesmen with which she was raised. We cannot entirely blame her from being prejudice against them, as this is all she has been taught by her mother and aunt. The fact that she was thrown into a strange environment also slightly redeems this pride of Margaret’s, as she is clearly unsettled, and not entirely herself. We assume that Margaret needs her pride as a kind of protection against people such as Mrs Thornton who are unsubtle about their disapproval of Margaret. Margaret also shows her pride when she rejects her two
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