Pride and Prejudice Is Elizabeth a Good Role Model Essay

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In a letter to her sister, Jane Austen wrote of Elizabeth Bennet, ‘I must confess I think her as delightful a character as ever appeared in print.’ Do you agree or disagree? Elizabeth Bennet is Pride and Prejudice’s heroine, being the second oldest of the five Bennet sisters, she is both pretty and smart. She is very good at her ability to analyse other people, but can sometimes be wrong. She is able to overcome her own prejudice however by the end of the novel. Elizabeth is one character that has very few thoughts on money and social positions, and because of this is able to rely her own judgements on characteristics and personalities. Elizabeth’s misconceptions of characters are clearly shown with Darcy and Wickham. At the beginning of the novel she is anything but fond of Darcy and believes that Wickham is a good man. She then goes to state… “There certainly was some great mismanagement I the education of those two young men. One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.” It this Elizabeth is stating that Wickham is basically evil and that Darcy is not. However at first glances of both characters we (as readers) are in the same boat as Elizabeth, unaware of the real personalities of these two characters. Wickham had come across at the beginning of the novel to be a character full of ‘goodness’ and for Darcy to be the opposite, but we now know that this is really the opposite as Wickham makes you believe that he is ‘all good’. She also says… “And your defect is to hate everybody.” “and yours,” he replied with a smile, is wilfully to misunderstand them.” In this small conversation with Darcy, Elizabeth thinks that Darcy hates everyone. Jane Austen subtly hints at the fact that maybe Elizabeth does not really understand Darcy. I admire Elizabeth for changing her opinions with her own new judgements. She has realised her misconception of
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