What does war express about human nature? (Based on Jacko Moran: Sniper, by Ken Catran)

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War conveys the unleashed monster within a soldier and the kidnapping of a physically-healthy survivor’s mental aspect. The traumas of battle encourage feelings of indignation and antagonism in a soldier and the generals’ orders denies a corporal’s humble character. The sight of a fellow countryman riddled with bullets in his chest instigates sentiments of resentment and rage in a soldier’s mind, rendering them to retaliate with vehemence. Life in the trenches is completely opposite to normal life back at home and the disconnection from family and friends only keep soldiers persisting. During a soldier’s time at war, they develop many relationships in the trenches and on the frontline, many of them go as quickly as they came, however, some are evolve into close relationships. Relationships and friendships which are formed specifically because of war occur for two main motives; survival along with needs and hatred between the ranks. Many soldiers develop friendships with other soldiers for the reason that they want to survive in the war and the fellow soldier can facilitate them. For example, Jacko Moran was respected and popular in the trenches because he had a natural talent as a sniper, meaning that he could protect his friends. On the contrary, relationships of hatred between the ranks occur because the officers and generals do not care about the lower ranks. This is highlighted through Jacko Moran’s relationship with Captain Creel. Jacko expresses his aversion for Captain Creel because Creel is an indolent, careless high rank, however, he seems to always ride on the best transport and eat all the good food. Aversion and hatred are merely two of the multitude of feelings which are instigated in war. The experiences of a soldier’s time in war encourage a ‘trench-full’ of assorted feelings and emotions. Vengeance arises when a soldier witnesses a fellow

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