The Horror Of The War Essay

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The horror of war is evident in Generals die in Bed. Discuss. It is said that war can totally change a man. What things might a soldier experience in war? What things would a soldier experience to totally change him? In Harrison’s novel Generals Die in Bed, the horror of war is a basic theme and has been described through many of the challenges the narrator faces in the novel. The horror of war has been described through the novel of the things such as having a constant fear of the unknown, inhumanity, and the most important thing is: death. | | First of all, unknown is a big problem in the war. Not knowing what’s around the soldiers and the narrator makes them feel terrible. The concept of not knowing what’s going to happen always makes the soldiers believe that something horrible is going to happen. In the war, everything may happen in a single day. In chapter 4 ‘Back to the Round’, the narrator and company have to move around the trenches on their bellies because there is a sniper in the tree that causes a constant fear. Although they know there is a sniper, they still fear him because they cannot discern when he will shoot them. “Sooner or later this German sniper, who keeps us cowering in cold fear, will be caught in an advance by our troops.” In the same chapter, the sniper kills the character Brown. Brown’s death has made the narrator more fearful of the unknown because he now knows what the sniper’s ability. This shows us why the narrator would fear the unknown in the novel. What’s more, the inhumanity is another big deal. As a soldier, the narrator was forced to obey any order given to him because it was his job to do. In chapter 12 Vengeance, the narrator’s battalion was given information that “after the Llandovery Castle was torpedoed, not a helping hand was offered to our wounded comrades...” , the hospital ship was destroyed by enemy. All of

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