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Business Studies- Assessment Task Research Task PART A: Article 1: “Toyota recalls about 295,000 vehicles globally for electrical fault” DETROIT (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp is recalling about 295,000 Lexus and Toyota brand vehicles globally, mostly in the United States, because various safety systems including stability control and anti-lock brakes could become inoperative. It is recalling vehicles from model years 2012 and 2013 because an electrical component in the brake actuator, which adjusts fluid pressure in each wheel cylinder, may experience increased resistance, according to documents filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That could lead to reduced vehicle control and an increased risk…show more content…
If more people spend time online, Google stands to make more money from online ads and other services. Google Fiber is just one of the projects the company is exploring to boost revenue as its search advertising business matures. Google Fiber is a tantalizing proposition for consumers fed up with the slow speeds and high prices offered by cable and phone companies. With Google Fiber, Internet speeds reach 1 gigabit per second at prices that are comparable with what they already pay for much slower service. Consumers in the Midwest pay about $70 a month for high-speed Internet. Add television service, and the cost is about $120 a month. In Provo, the costs are the same, but there is a one-time fee of $30. "Something we have noticed is that competition is good in these local markets," said Kevin Lo, general manager of Google Fiber. Google would not say how much it costs to roll out Google Fiber. It is using a non-union workforce to build the fiber optic…show more content…
It has also deferred the delivery of the last eight A380 super jumbos it has on order, as well as the last three of 14 new 787 Dreamliners due for Jetstar. It will also shelve growth plans for Singaporean budget offshoot Jetstar Asia amid intense competition with other budget airlines in the region. Qantas shares fell sharply Thursday, down about 6.5 per cent at $1.1875. Qantas declared a statutory loss of $235 million for the six months to December, compared with a $109 million profit in the same period a year earlier. Revenue fell 4 per cent to $7.9 billion. Qantas' domestic operations reported a 74 per cent fall in pre-tax profit to $57 million, which was blamed on intense competition in the domestic market and growth in capacity. But it was overshadowed again by Qantas' international operations, which slumped to a $262 million loss compared with a $91 million loss previously. This article refers to Qantas cutting down jobs for many workers. This is an internal issue- business management; this affects the business in a negative way. This is a weakness to the business because many people lose their job. Reference: http://business.time.com/2014/02/26/qantas-to-cut-5000-jobs-posts-211-million-loss/ Source: Internet Date: February 26,

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