Sarah Jackson Case Study

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B165/MAN1300 Section 05 Introduction to Human Resource Management - 2013 Summer Quarter | Sarah Jackson | Module 05 Case Study | Charlotte Pelletier 8/6/2013 | Sarah Jackson is currently a customer service manager at Freedom Technologies. Lately she has been listening in on several employees during their telephone calls with customers. These calls concern customer service issues and when Jackson was listening in, she realized their poor customer service skills. This was quite disappointing to her to hear. With poor customer service skills this could affect the company in a very negative way consider these are the first people customers encounter. Jackson has a lot to handle considering her employees bad customer service skills. When you have bad customer service skills it is 6-7 times more expensive to gain a new customer base than it is to keep the current ones. Eighty-nine percent of customers report that they stop doing business with a company due to bad customer service. There also is a 78% abandonment of transactions due to bad customer service. ( She also needs to look into the fact that most people talk about the bad customer service than the good. It has a major impact on a company when customers are not treated with the respect that they deserve. Reminding employees that if, it was not for customers they would not have jobs and in order to keep them they need to treat them with respect and if they cannot handle a call send it to someone else before it gets out of hand. Sarah being a customer service manger holds the responsibility of making sure her employees know what they are doing. If there is bad customer service it shows that, she is not performing her task properly and to the companies’ standards. Implementing mandatory customer service training for all employees

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