Were the First Two Years of the War, 1939-1941 an Unqualified Success for Hitler? for the Axis Powers?

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From 1939-1941, the Axis powers were at its peak. Led by the ruthless blitzkrieg war tactics of Hitler, Germany and the Axis powers were able to undergo a string of victories. However, the ironic successes of the Axis powers led to greater actions by the Allies, which ultimately resulted in failure for the Axis powers. Had Hitler and the Axis powers were not so quick as to act upon impulse, and actually work as an alliance, it is more likely that the results of the war would have been in their favor. The success of Hitler and the Axis powers during the first two years of the war, 1939-1941, was impaired due to poor, irrational planning, postponements, overconfidence, and the growing forces of the Allied powers, as exemplified in the Battle of Britain, the Invasion of the Soviet Union, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the spring of 1940, Hitler swept through the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium and was then able to successfully invade France with his blitzkrieg war tactics and ability to split up the French and British armies. By swiftly moving south and west, the Germans were able to trap the British army at Dunkirk, then entering and invading France in June of 1940. The British now stood alone and awaited the attack of Germany. Though the odds and numbers were against the British, it was the unorganized planning and overconfidence that led to the British army to ultimately win the battle against Germany. The invasion of France ended in June 1940; it was not until over a month later that Hitler made the decision to invade Britain, because he was unsuccessful in trying to get the British to surrender. The Battle of Britain was not an immediate, necessary battle to Hitler, but because he wanted and would benefit from air superiority, he put forth the effort to fight it anyway. The small number of British forces fueled overconfidence for Germany and

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