Watching Tv Is Healthy for Your Brain

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Based on the ideas of Steven Johnson the average person could learn a thing or two from reality TV. In his article called, “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”, Johnson talks about how watching reality television makes a person more aware of the everyday occurrences that happen in life. Through harder, more intense television younger generations could have a better idea on how to handle situations, while knowing the different outcomes that could occur. The major point Johnson first makes in his article is based on his theory, “The Sleeper Curve”. This theory essentially states that as time passes, the median level of cognitive complexity provided by popular media is increasing. It’s also the idea about how television changes the mental development of young people for the better. Johnson talks about reality TV affecting younger generations in a positive way and helping with personal development. By including a scene in a Woody Allen movie, Johnson succeeds in supporting and reinforcing his argument. Woody Allen is a smart, witty writer who actually follows Johnson’s point. By using one form of popular culture to examine another form, Johnson greatly benefits his argument. The charts accompanying the essay illustrate Johnson’s point about the number and type of “threads” in various television programs and how they serve to better us not hurt us. It is important to know the television programs to which the charts refer because it gives the reader a better sense of what exactly the author is referring to and what exactly his point is. The illustrations could not stand on their own, they would not provide as much of an impact. I disagree because the intellectual demands of television do not directly match up with those of reading. However, they do have some things in common. For instance, because of multiple-threading and other such devices used in television, the
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