How Does Television Influence Presidential Politics

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The use of political campaign through television has been around for quite a while. Broadcasting politics on television allows the elections to be more accessible to a larger amount of viewers. Although politics through media was meant to be positive, the true purpose of it was quickly overcome by a concern about image rather than the issues at hand. Television has allowed presidential candidates to not only win votes through ideas and addressing issues, but also through creating an image for themselves that would appeal to the public. Initially, the use of media to relay news was a good idea: Television has “restored” the nations “feeling of direct contact”, “the people have once more become the nation” (Source A). Television has allowed for thousands of people to be involved with current events. At first people were drawn to this…show more content…
“An effective president must be every year more concerned with projecting images of himself”, “our national politics has become a competition for images or between images, rather than between ideals” (Source C). A good example of this would be Bill Clinton disclosing his choice of underwear with the American public. “He had been asked to do so by a member of the MTV generation” (Source B). Due to “televisions sense of intimacy, the American people feel they know their presidents as person and hence no longer feel the need for party guidance” (Source B). Although media created an increase in public involvement with politics, the interest has been subdued and replaced by a more apathetic political view by the public. Rather than focusing on the issues presented to them, presidential candidates are more concerned with the image they need to project. This backwards concern has America far from reaching its goal of positive influence through
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