Watchers, Not Doers

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When you idolize someone or something else, you aren’t really living your life to the fullest. Television has changed America into a nation of reality. Kids today aren’t nearly as eager to play outside as they used to. People in our generation often seek to live the lives of others. Television on our generation has caused America, on my opinion, to go down hill. Kids used to come home from school and play until dark or until their parents called them inside. Now adults have to beg their children away from the TV to go outside and play. Teenagers stare at their favorite reality show for hours. Not to mention the topics of reality TV are usually negative; such as drugs and alcohol. Teenagers don’t need to be focusing on the TV, but be focused on staying healthy and keeping their grades up. Could television be a likely cause of the increasing rate of obesity? I think so. You are supposed to get at least an hour of exercise everyday, and most people spend that hour on the couch. Physical activity increasing your physical coordination; therefore, physical activity is key to becoming a healthy adult. Exercise is a necessity to be healthy and maintain a wholesome weight. When you idolize someone else’s life, you are living their life more than yours. People often watch TV shows and seek to be just like one of the characters. They might want to have friends and family just like that characters. Eventually, that person will probably start dressing, talking, and walking just like that character. If God gave you life, he most likely doesn’t want you living to be someone else. He made you special and wants you to stand out and be yourself. Since he made every single person different, shouldn’t that apply for more than looks? If everyone could put a little effort in, maybe we could turn America back into a nation that doesn’t revolve around television. In result,

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