Wart Character Analysis

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Upon reading the book, “Wart” was a fairly simple character considering that he was the main character. Nothing in his childhood was too overwhelming for him and he didn’t have that many problems as a child. Wart was a loyal, honest, good-hearted, adventurous, and humble human being. Wart was a good person and he demonstrated these characteristics throughout what I have read. He is well disciplined and well taught. Wart demonstrates his first act of kindness early on in the book. In chapter one Wart risks his life to capture Cully- the hawk that Kay lost. Knowing that Hob worked hard on training Cully and spent many hours training Cully, Wart went inside the forest to get the hawk. Wart was entering a land he knew nothing about and could have been eaten by animals any minute. Wart disregarded the dangers and put his life on the line to make Hob happy. Wart’s good heart got Cully back to his rightful owner and put a smile on Hob’s face while also relieving Hob from worrying about Cully. Wart lives in the shadow of Kay but he does not let that stop him being who he is. Wart is a very good person, but his actions always seem to go overlooked by everyone. One prime example of this is when Kay brought the griffin head and Wart brought Wat as a reward for saving the trapped prisoners. Wat was a mad man but Wart believed that Merlyn could have cured him. Wart obviously has the right intentions and put the well being of others his top priority. When the boys come back home, everyone seems disgusted to see Wat back but everyone seems proud of Kay especially Sir Ector. Another one of Wart’s good deeds go unnoticed but Wart does not seem to care. Wart is very considerate for others. He helps others and wants everyone to be happy. Kay was growing jealous that Wart was turning into various animals while Kay not getting the privilege of being turned into animals. Wart being
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