Vivekananda on Personality Development Essay

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Vivekananda on personality development There are lots of personality development courses today. Behavioual science is an important subject in modern management. We read lot of books on this subject written by western management gurus. Can you believe that Swami Vivekananda wrote on personality development 100 years ago? Management gurus and researchers should understand the approach of Vivekananda. Today, I would like to share some of my learning from Vivekananda on personality development. Think of some great leaders in history. What is common in them? It is their magnetic personality which is influencing generations. What is personality? It is not physical appearance or strength. It is not brain power or intellectual capacity. According to Swamiji, personality is deeper than that. Personality is related to will power, soul or atma of human being. What a path breaking definition of personality ! Swamiji tells us that it is easy to understand body and brain. But the soul or atman is deeper one and also finer one. This is the root of everthing in human being . Controlling this root is important to control everything. He who knows and controls his own mind knows the secret of every mind. He will also have the power over every mind. Vivekananda says that the body and brain are temporary. Souls are immortal. Swamiji says that everybody is searching for God and divinity outside. But divinity resides in every soul. If we understand this there will be harmony around us. To develop our personality, we need to learn from both pleasure and pain. Some times we learn more from pain. Man’s character is the collective expression of past experiences. These experiencess result in habits. Seamiji says that we need to have vairagya to change our habits to develop a better character. Swamiji teaches us how to control our negative emotions. Do

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