Religion Chapter 7 Summary

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In Chapter 7, we are introduced to grace and the sacraments of the mystery of the Divine-Human encounter. In this chapter, it discusses the various sacraments, and how they apply to everyday life. Also, how God plays an important role in our life, with constant contact with life, and the human spirit. This chapter gives us information of the interior, micro, and theological understanding of these sacraments and grace. Everything that we do is all through the communication between God and humanity, and humanity as a whole. When we communicate with others, we are sharing our emotions, our stories, and who we are, so we can all be understood. To meet that one special person, who knows everything about you, who takes your heart into their hands, and vice versa, you learn to love that other human being that God has blessed you with to have in your life. You learn about each other, you both know what makes you happy and sad, and you both feel accepted by each other despite all of the flaws you may seem to have. Trust is a gift from God, which he gave to humans, so that we can learn to trust people, and our significant other, especially during hard times. When these people are hurt, they keep the…show more content…
As humans, we tend to take these signs and symbols for granted. We all need to learn what certain symbols mean, and how they can help us get through situations, or just the day ahead. Our own reflection about these meanings, contain symbolic thinking on many levels as well. We learn how to reflect upon these meanings, and how they can help us out spiritually and mentally. Even so, symbols can often be misunderstood. We can be dishonest about them, and not choose the correct side of where the truth and trust lays. Symbols help us build relationships with people, it is essential to have these symbols in our lives to form a relationship with God and humans, and with

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