Virgil Tibbs Essay

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Virgil Tibbs Essay In the movie "In the Heat of the Night" the characteristics of Virgil Tibbs are portrayed in an assertive manner then those from the novel. In the novel Virgil takes the silent and perceptive path when handling situations. When Gellespie tell virgril that he is fired he gets his brief case and walks out almost emotionless but when being faced with conflict in the movie Virgil uses his temper and harsh characteristics to prove his point. Such as when Gellespie is questioning him about his importance he raises his voice and uses his prominent features and states " They call me Mr.Tibbs". Similarly to when sam first arrests virgil, Gellespie asks him why he was at the train station. Virgil maintains eye contact and keeps a wide stance. He uses his appearance to intimidate. Where as in the novel he does what he is told and doesn't talk back. For example when Oberst says "Don't give me any of your lip black boy" Virgil is more harmonious when reacting. Virgil in the novel is also more modest then that of the movie. His arrogance and self image in the movie lead him to be demanding and react with greater force. For example when Virgil is done looking at the body the first time he hands a white man his coat to deal with, showing that his conceitedness leads him to act insistent. Also he deals with racism differently. In the novel he accepts that he is expected to act like he is below whites. For example he uses the colored washroom. Contrast to the novel when Virgil goes to question Endicott and slaps him back he shows he is equal to Endicott and he refuses to be put down. In the novel he is gentle and amiable toward the Endicotts and turns the other cheek when it comes to
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