Vietnam War Contemporary History Research Paper

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Vietnam War Carrie E. Christ (McManus) DeVry University Contemporary History Professor Jones Fall 2013 Vietnam War Thesis The Vietnam War is significant to American History because the United States participated in this war, as allies, with South Vietnamese, against North Vietnam and their southern allies, the Viet Cong. This war began because of a dispute that began in 1954, and was the cause of over three million deaths, half of which were Vietnamese civilians, and included the deaths of 58,000 Americans (A&E History). American citizens, divided on their thoughts in regards to support of this war, did not give the respect, nor honor to the veterans that they deserved, many of them shamed. The government, whom gave resolution to enact the war, did not provide support for the wounded veterans, and many suffered physical, emotional, as well as psychological injuries. Many Vietnam Veterans still suffer today because of this war; many whom have never spoke about it since returning to America. We Honor Veterans is a program that honors Veterans today for the sacrifices they made for our country, & for our freedom, by ensuring support with end of life care (We Honor Veterans 2013). Causes & Events of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War started before any U.S. involvement. Before World War II (WWII) the Viet Minh militant group, formed by Ho Chi Minh, was seeking liberty for a united Vietnam, prompting an encounter between them and the French that escalated to the point of struggle, which reached its climax at the Battle of Dien, 1954. The Viet Minh besieged the French, and they arranged a meeting with the Vietnamese officials at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland, drawing up and signing The Geneva Accords. This signing gave the Vietnam independence, while splitting the new nation into two: North and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh controlled

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