Victimization and Victim's Rights

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Janella Everett Jus-110 Crime and Criminology Professor Memo 6/6/12 Victimization and Victim’s Rights What is victimization? Victimization is unwarranted singling out of an individual or group for subjection to crime, exploitation, tort, unfair treatment, or other wrong. Basically it is a person who is a victim of a crime. Criminologist use surveys called victimization surveys to measure how much crime is being committed in the United States. The challenges that face criminologists today are identifying the offender and the victim. Also the situational factors of why the crime took place. They believe that a single criminal victimization can be followed quickly by another one so prevention is hard to achieve. Victimization research must contribute to an understanding of why crime occurs (Skogan). Victims of crime suffer from loses and emotional stress. They suffer from economic loss. Such as productivity loss, loss wages due to hospitalization and court proceedings, and direct monetary losses. The victims suffer from system abuse meaning that while they are being interviewed about the crime the police may make insinuations that the crime was their fault. For example, a person that has been raped and is wearing sexy clothing. During the police interview the officer will make a comment about what they are wearing making the victim fell like it is his or her fault because of their clothing. They suffer from long-term stress long after the victimization is over. Some victims get so stressed and depressed that they suffer from a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychological reaction to a highly stressful event; systems include depression, anxiety, flashbacks of the victimization and also nightmares about it. They suffer from the fear of being victimized again (Nelson). What is Victim’s Rights? Victim’s
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