Values Of The Republican Party

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Since everyone has their own ideas and opinions and beliefs, every party has its strengths and weaknesses, which cater to its specific constituents. Coming from a strong, Christian family, I support the idea of having strong family values. Since the Republican Party is more conservative, it takes a bigger role in upholding traditional ideas of America. For the most part, I agree with the values of the Republican Party. Some examples include same-sex marriages, abortion, and the military. As a service member of the armed forces, I believe that we need a strong military presence around the world, especially after the attacks on the United States by terrorists. People should also be allowed to follow their religion without being repressed,…show more content…
While it is true that women are generally less physically developed as men, there is no reason why they cannot do the same things as men. They should be able to actively serve alongside men in aircraft, on the ground or on the sea. However, for safety reasons, I agree with the policy where women are not allowed to serve on submarines. The other controversial topic is whether women should be in combat units. Some argue they shouldn’t for reasons such as being a POW. I agree what they say about being a POW, but if they understand the risks, I believe they should be allowed to, if they are willing. I support the current policy on “Don’t ask, don’t tell” for homosexuals in the military. It is the best and safest way for them to serve in the military. Just because someone is gay should not stop them from serving. However, some people may be uncomfortable knowing that someone is a homosexual, therefore the current policy protects both sides. As mentioned earlier, there should be some restrictions for women in the military, like on submarines for example. With homosexuals in the navy, it should be fine as long as they understand the policy, or they risk the integrity of their unit. This is a challenge for both officers and enlisted, but more importantly, for the officers. Their responsibility is to look out for their subordinates, therefore they should be trustworthy in the eyes of their enlisted should…show more content…
Attempts to show the social control of political protest in the United States, and takes an in-depth examination of flag desecration and efforts to criminalize that particular form of dissent. Raskin, Jamin. Overruling Democracy. UK: Routledge, 2003 This book contains information about how the Supreme Court handles social issues such as flag burning, and where public society contradicts itself in cases like flag burning. Apel, Warren. URL: , title: The Flag-Burning Page. This website has information and facts supporting the removal of a flag protection act. It raises questions on the legality of such laws and how it infringes on our freedoms. Citizens Flag Alliance. 2005. Citizens Flag Alliance. This site offers information about how people can help protect the flag amendment and the social and legal issues surrounding this conflict. Goldstein, Robert. Flag Burning and Free Speech. Kansas: University Press of Kansas November 2000. Offers the history and conflicts of the First Amendment. Also includes the debates over flag burning and the legal

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