Flag Desecration Essay

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Desecration of the Flag Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that the desecration of our flag is an act that should be made illegal and propose a policy to ensure this. Thesis: The burning and desecration of our American Flag is an insult and offence to all Americans and we need to pass a constitutional amendment to illegalize flag desecration. Pattern of Organization: Problem/Solution Introduction I. [Attention Getter] What is the one way to offend 308 million people in one action? A. Before I answer that let me ask you all this, by a show of hands, how many of you have been extremely offended and upset by the actions of another person? B. You can see this is an experience that has happened to most all of us and it is not a good experience. C. The way to offend 308 million people in one act is to burn the American flag. II. [Reveal Topic and Relate to Audience] The burning of American flags is a affront to our country and each and every one of us. A. Everyone here is a citizen of the United States of America and when that flag is burned it is an attack on the visible symbol of our nation. B. The action of burning the flag is one that should be made illegal. III. [Establish Credibility] Before working on this speech I did not know many of the details and history of flag burning. A. As the Chief Justice William Rehnquist said, flag burning is "no essential part of any exposition of ideas" but rather "the equivalent of an inarticulate grunt or roar that is most likely to be indulged in not to express any particular idea, but to antagonize others." This is from www.landmarkcases.org B. I also feel a personal connection to this issue as an American. IV. [Thesis and Preview] The desecration of the American flag is an issue plaguing us as citizens and as a country. The only solution to end this problem is to pass a constitutional

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