VUT 2 Vulnerability Assessment: Intrusion Detection Needs

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VUT Task 3 by Brandon Moore for VUT2 Vulnerability Assessment To: Boss From: Brandon Moore Date: August 12, 2011 Subject: Intrusion Detection Needs Recently our organization was hit by a denial-of-service attack which resulted in the internet connection being slowed down to a point where it became unusable. This created a situation where the staff was unable to send insurance claims to the insurance companies. On top of the DoS attack, the firewall had been accessed remotely by a user who was able to gain administrator access and disabled the firewall rules which would have prevented this DoS attack. There are three critical points in this attack that would have been caught…show more content…
The first recommendation would be to simply upgrade the hardware of the current NIDS. I suggest this since it is most likely a hardware issue that causes bandwidth through it to be slow. In other words, faster hardware means more bandwidth throughput. The second recommendation would be to go with a commercial hardware platform. My highest recommendation would be the Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDSM-2) Module. This is a module which can be placed within a Cisco Catalyst 6500 router and will perform intrusion detecting for up to 600 mbps of traffic. In addition, a hardware platform would come with vendor support and warranty which will further facilitate a repair if an issue with the device such as network slowness is experienced. (Cisco, 2011) In conclusion, reimplementing a network intrusion detection system with proper hardware will stand to benefit the clinic by adding an extra level of awareness of malicious traffic on the network. This will allow incidents to be responded to immediately as they happen thus preventing the destruction or theft of data as well as quicker response to denial-of-service

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