Ust Capital Structure

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Decision statement UST, Inc. must select a capital structure that will maximize market value of the firm. The decision is to leverage the firm up to $1 billion for a stock buyback program or to continue at relatively no debt. If the decision is to lever up, what is the optimal capital structure? Analysis Description: In order to determine if UST should go ahead with the recapitalization plan and what their recommended capital structure should be, the first step is to evaluate the business attributes and risks of UST for credit analysis. Next, the future growth of UST will be assessed. This assessment, combined with the evaluation of UST's business attributes and risks, will be used to assign a credit rating to UST. Finally, this credit rating will be used to show the effect of recapitalization on UST. UST business attributes and risks: The sustainable source of value for UST is brand equity. The strong brand names possessed by UST, such as Copenhagen and Skoal, reduces the company's credit risk by creating a virtual monopoly in the premium smokeless tobacco market that is relatively immune to competition. In regards to the premium segment of the smokeless tobacco market, the company's current success is expected to continue. UST's cash flows are both high and stable, with relatively no cyclicality due to the inelastic nature of demand for tobacco products. As a tobacco product manufacturer, UST has a large amount of liquid and tangible resources in the form of their manufacturing assets. While there is the risk of litigation at UST, this risk is moderate compared to other tobacco companies, such as cigarette manufacturers. The biggest risk facing UST is that they have practically no product diversification, with basically all (97%) of their operating profit coming from smokeless tobacco products. Future growth assessment: UST's Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio is

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