Unit 9 Values and Planning

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Student : Lissa Williams Unit 9 – Values In Planning Pass one – Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services. Aims and Purpose * This unit examines the principles and processes of planning for within a legislative framework designed to support equality, diversity and rights * Effective planning is at the heart of a holistic approach to support, meeting needs by empowering and enabling individuals to make choices and participating in decisions about themselves. Principles and Values Values can be political, social, moral and spiritual; and the values derived from our individual experience affect our behaviour. To be treated in a dignified way Being treated in a dignified way is the same as being respected, being treated in a dignified way is really important, Dignity shows that a person is respectable which will make the health and social care settings promote anti-discriminatory practice because it will be a way of showing equality and that everyone should be treated in a positive way. To be respected Being respected is more than important in a health and social care setting. Showing someone respect can show positivity towards them straight away, without having respect for your patient or client they could feel uncomfortable with being in your presence because they are not well valued by you. To be allowed privacy Privacy is also essential in a health and social care setting, without privacy clients could feel like they have no freedom of choice in what they choose to do, with privacy it enables their rights. To be treated as an individual Being treated as an individual in a health and social care setting is important. Some patients may not have their own choice in what they choose to do, which goes against them
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